How To Create Window xp Bootable USB Drive

This tutorial Will Help you  how to create a window xp bootable USB pen drive step by step for backup.

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Window Xp Installation Guide 

you need window Iso Image File Usb Burner Software + USB flash Drive To Create Window Xp Bootable USB.

Download Window Xp Iso File Here. Click Download 

Download Window Xp USB Burner Software here.  Click Download rufus

Create Window Xp Bootable USB Drive From ISO File

After you download above window tools Plug in your USB pen drive Click to run Rufus software. It will be look like the image below.

1. First Of All Chose NTFS file system like you above image.
2. Click on dvd icon to chose Window XP ISO Image File Like the above image after you chose ISO file click on start when process is completed you are done. 

now you window xp bootable USB back up in your hand If you like our posts then please leave a comment below. Posted By Mn Shakeel

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